What Louis Vuitton Bags Are Recalled?

Louis Vuitton, a luxury fashion house, has recently issued a recall for certain types of their bags. This recall has caused concern among Louis Vuitton customers who may own one of the affected bags. Let’s take a closer look at what Louis Vuitton bags are recalled and why.

What is the reason for the recall?

Louis Vuitton has issued this recall due to a manufacturing defect that affects the bag’s strap. The defect can cause the strap to break, which could result in injury to the user or damage to their property.

Which Louis Vuitton bags are affected by the recall?

The following Louis Vuitton bag models are affected by this recall:

  • Neverfull MM
  • Neverfull PM
  • Jungle Dots Speedy
  • Jungle Dots Neverfull
  • Palm Springs Backpack PM
  • Palm Springs Backpack Mini

If you own one of these bags, it is recommended that you stop using it immediately and contact your nearest Louis Vuitton store or customer service center for assistance.

What should I do if I own an affected bag?

If you own a Louis Vuitton bag that is part of this recall, there are several steps you should take:

  1. Stop using the bag immediately.
  2. Contact your nearest Louis Vuitton store or customer service center to arrange for repair or replacement.
  3. If you have been injured or your property has been damaged as a result of this manufacturing defect, contact an attorney to discuss your legal options.


In conclusion, if you own a Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM or PM, Jungle Dots Speedy or Neverfull, or Palm Springs Backpack PM or Mini, it is important that you stop using the bag immediately and contact Louis Vuitton for assistance. While this recall is certainly an inconvenience for affected customers, it is a necessary step to ensure their safety and prevent further injury or damage.