When Was the Celebrity Silhouette Last Refurbished?

Celebrity Cruises is a company that has been offering luxurious cruises for many years. One of their most popular ships is the Celebrity Silhouette, which has been providing travelers with an unforgettable experience since it was first launched in 2011. The Celebrity Silhouette has undergone several renovations and upgrades over the years to keep up with the changing needs of its passengers.

The most recent refurbishment of the Celebrity Silhouette was conducted in 2018. The extensive renovation project included a complete overhaul of all public areas and staterooms, as well as the addition of new amenities and features. Some of these new features included six new specialty restaurants, enhanced spa facilities, and numerous other improvements.

In addition to these changes, the Celebrity Silhouette also underwent a complete redesign of its interior décor and design. This included modernizing all staterooms, adding bold colors and designs to public areas such as the lobby, pool deck, and bars, and introducing new furniture pieces throughout.

Another major renovation that took place during this time was the addition of a brand-new entertainment venue onboard called The Lawn Club Grill. This exciting opportunity allowed guests to interact with Celebrity’s top chefs while they prepared gourmet meals on an outdoor grill.

Overall, the 2018 refurbishment project on board the Celebrity Silhouette helped to create a more luxurious and comfortable cruise experience for all passengers. With modernized staterooms and delicious restaurants, guests are sure to have a memorable time aboard this beautiful ship.


The Celebrity Silhouette underwent its last refurbishment in 2018 which saw many changes such as modernized staterooms, upgraded amenities, bold interior designs, and a brand-new entertainment venue. These improvements have created an unforgettable cruise experience for all passengers who sail on board this magnificent ship.