When Was the Last Time Celebrity Silhouette Was Refurbished?

Celebrity Silhouette is a luxury cruise ship owned and operated by Celebrity Cruises. Launched in 2011, the ship is one of the newest in Celebrity’s fleet and has become a firm favorite among cruise fans.

It offers some of the most luxurious amenities and services available on any cruise line, as well as a wide variety of activities. But with all of this comes a certain level of maintenance and upkeep, and so it’s important to know when was the last time Celebrity Silhouette was refurbished.

The most recent refurbishment of the Celebrity Silhouette took place in 2019. This was a large-scale overhaul that included major upgrades to both public areas and guest cabins.

On board amenities were improved throughout the ship, with new restaurants, bars, lounges, spas, gyms, pools, and other facilities added or upgraded. The cabins were also upgraded with new furniture, carpets, artworks, linens, and more.

In addition to the 2019 refurbishment, Celebrity Silhouette underwent other minor refits over the years since its launch in 2011. These include updates to the ship’s onboard technology such as Wi-Fi networks as well as maintenance work to keep everything functioning properly. The ship also received an extensive dry dock in 2016 for repairs and upgrades.


The last time Celebrity Silhouette was refurbished was in 2019 during a major renovation that saw many improvements made to both its public areas and guest cabins. Since then the ship has undergone smaller refits for maintenance work as well as an extensive dry dock in 2016 for repairs and upgrades.