What Was the Role of Council of Industrial Design?

The Council of Industrial Design (CID) was an influential British organization with the goal of improving the industrial design of the country. Founded in 1944, it was one of the earliest organizations dedicated to this purpose. The Council was an important part of post-war Britain’s efforts to prevent a return to the pre-war economic depression and it is credited with helping to establish Britain as a leader in industrial design.

The Council’s main mission was to encourage good design in all aspects of manufacturing and production. It worked closely with industry, universities and other organizations in its quest to promote a “better Britain through better design”.

Through its work, it sought to improve the aesthetics of products, their usability and their technical efficiency. It also sought to elevate public awareness of good design.

In pursuit of its goal, the Council organized exhibitions showcasing outstanding examples of industrial design from Britain and abroad. It also established awards for excellence in industrial design and encouraged public education on the importance of good design. The Council published books, pamphlets and posters that promoted good design.

The Council also acted as an advocate for British industry. It actively lobbied government on issues related to industrial design and argued for greater investment in research and development. It also worked closely with commercial companies who were looking to improve their products through better design.

What Was the Role of Council of Industrial Design?

The role of the Council of Industrial Design was significant in post-war Britain, as it helped shape a new era for industry through its promotion of good design principles. Through its exhibitions, awards and educational materials, it helped raise public awareness about the value that good industrial designs could bring to product development. In addition, it lobbied government on matters related to industrial design and acted as a powerful advocate for British industry.