What Does a Director of Industrial Design Do?

A Director of Industrial Design is a highly specialized role within the engineering and product development field. This position is responsible for leading industrial design teams in the development of new products, from concept through to production.

The director will oversee all aspects of the design process, from initial concept sketches to final prototype testing. They must have a deep understanding of the engineering and product development process, as well as an ability to communicate effectively with other professionals in order to ensure that the end product meets all quality and safety standards.

The Director of Industrial Design typically works closely with other departments such as research & development, manufacturing & production, marketing & sales, and customer service in order to ensure that the final product meets all expectations. They are responsible for ensuring that the industrial design team has access to the necessary resources needed in order to develop successful products. This includes but is not limited to budgeting for materials and tools, creating timelines for project completion, coordinating between various departments, and providing guidance on technical issues.

In addition to managing their own team, Directors of Industrial Design are also expected to stay up-to-date on industry trends and best practices in order to ensure that their products remain competitive on the market. They must also be able to identify potential areas for improvement within their own designs, or those of competitors. Additionally they are expected to stay informed about emerging technologies and materials which could help improve the effectiveness of their designs.


In short, a Director of Industrial Design is responsible for leading an industrial design team throughout all stages of product development. This position requires an individual who is knowledgeable about engineering principles and product development processes as well as an understanding of current industry trends. The job requires both a creative eye for design as well as strong leadership skills in order to manage both designers and other department personnel.