What SUNY Schools Offer Graphic Design?

The State University of New York (SUNY) system has a variety of schools that offer courses in graphic design. The courses offered range from part-time classes to full degree programs across all levels, depending on the school.

The SUNY system is comprised of four university centers, thirty colleges, and a host of community and technical colleges. Some of the larger schools have their own dedicated departments offering individualized programs in graphic design.

These schools include SUNY Buffalo, SUNY Stony Brook, SUNY Albany, and SUNY Binghamton.

At the smaller SUNY schools, students can take courses in graphic design through their art departments or other related majors such as marketing or advertising. For example, students at SUNY Geneseo can take courses in digital media arts and animation as well as web design as part of their major.

For those who want to pursue a full degree in graphic design there are two options available within the SUNY system. The first is an Associate’s degree program which is typically two years long and requires completion of 60 credits to complete the degree. These programs often include classes such as typography, color theory, illustration techniques and digital imaging.

The second option is a Bachelor’s degree program which takes four years to complete and requires 120 credits for graduation. These programs usually focus on more advanced topics such as visual communication theory, interactive media production and website development.


The SUNY system offers various levels of graphic design courses at its various universities and colleges ranging from part-time classes to full degrees in both associate’s and bachelor’s programs. Students can choose to specialize in certain areas such as digital media arts or web design or pursue more general studies with a focus on visual communication theory and interactive media production.