What Colleges Offer Graphic Design Degrees?

Graphic design degrees are available at many colleges and universities around the world. These degrees are designed to teach students the fundamentals of visual communication, including using typography, photography, illustration, and color to create compelling designs. In addition to learning the basics of graphic design, students also learn how to use software and other tools to create their designs.

Graphic design degrees vary in length and content depending on the school offering them. Most programs span two or four years and include courses in typography, layout design, digital imaging, animation, web design, printmaking and marketing. Many schools also offer specialized classes in areas such as 3D modeling and game design.

In addition to traditional classroom instruction, some schools also offer online courses in graphic design. These courses allow students to learn at their own pace and can be taken from anywhere with an internet connection. Online courses typically cover topics such as digital illustration techniques, interactive media production techniques, digital video editing techniques and web page layout techniques.

When considering which college or university to attend for a graphic design degree it is important to look at the quality of instruction offered by each school as well as the facilities they have available for use by their students. Some schools may have better resources than others or may have more experienced instructors that can provide valuable insights into the field of graphic design. Additionally, some colleges may offer internships that allow students to gain hands-on experience working with professionals in the field before they graduate.

Finally, it is important for prospective students to research what types of scholarships or financial aid are available at each institution they are considering attending for a graphic design degree. Many schools have scholarship programs specifically tailored towards helping those interested in pursuing a career in graphic design pay for their education costs.

Overall, there are many colleges around the world that offer graphic design degrees for those interested in pursuing a career related to visual communication and artistry using technology-based tools and software applications. With careful research into each school’s offerings regarding quality of instruction as well as resources available for use by students while attending that institution’s program prospective students can find institutions that best suit their educational goals while obtaining a degree in this growing field of study.


Colleges around the world offer various programs related to graphic design degrees allowing aspiring professionals access to quality instruction with experienced instructors as well as access to resources necessary for success within this field upon graduation. Prospective students should research carefully into each institution’s offerings regarding course content and resources available before deciding which college best suits their educational goals.