What Setting Do I Cut Glitter Vinyl on Cricut?

Glitter vinyl is a special type of vinyl that adds some sparkle and shine to your projects. It is a great way to make something stand out, and when cut with a Cricut machine the results can be stunning. But what setting do you need to cut glitter vinyl on your Cricut?

The good news is that cutting glitter vinyl on a Cricut machine is no different than any other vinyl material. You will need to set your material type in Design Space to “Vinyl” and then adjust the pressure for your specific project. When using glitter vinyl you may find that you need to increase the pressure setting slightly if your cuts are not as precise as you would like.

In addition to adjusting the pressure setting, it is important to use the correct blade when cutting glitter vinyl on a Cricut machine. The best blade for cutting glitter vinyl is the Fine Point Blade, as this blade has been specifically designed for precision cuts with intricate details. For best results, always ensure that your blade is sharp and replace it regularly.

Finally, when it comes time to actually cut your glitter vinyl make sure you remember two important things: firstly, you should always use a mat when cutting any kind of material on a Cricut machine; secondly, always use transfer tape when attaching your finished design to ensure that all pieces stay securely in place.


Cutting glitter vinyl on a Cricut machine can be done with ease once you understand how to adjust the settings and which materials and blades work best. Setting your material type in Design Space to “Vinyl” and increasing the pressure slightly may be necessary depending on the intricacy of your project.

The Fine Point Blade should be used for precision cuts, along with a mat and transfer tape for secure attachment. With these tips in mind, anyone can create beautiful projects using their Cricut machine.