What Setting Do You Use for Glitter Vinyl on Cricut?

In recent years, Cricut has revolutionized crafting by making it easier and more accessible to create beautiful projects. One of the most popular materials that crafters use to cut with their Cricut is glitter vinyl.

Glitter vinyl is a great choice for adding a bit of extra sparkle and shine to any project. But how do you get the best results when using glitter vinyl with your Cricut?

The first step is to make sure that you select the right setting for your Cricut machine. Every machine will be slightly different, so make sure you consult the user manual before you begin cutting your glitter vinyl. Generally, the blade on your Cricut should be set at a depth of 3, with a speed of 4 and pressure of 2.

Once you’ve set up your Cricut machine correctly, it’s time to prepare your glitter vinyl for cutting. You can use transfer tape or “sticky” mat to adhere your glitter vinyl onto the cutting mat.

This will prevent it from shifting during the cutting process. Make sure that when you place it onto the mat, it’s aligned properly with no wrinkles or bumps.

After prepping your materials, it’s time to start cutting! Make sure that you select the “vinyl” option on your Cricut Machine before pressing “go”. This will ensure that you get the best possible results when cutting through glitter vinyl.


Glitter Vinyl is a great choice for adding some extra sparkle and shine to any project. When using Glitter Vinyl with a Cricut machine, make sure that you set up your machine correctly and prepare all materials properly before beginning to cut. Selecting the “vinyl” option on the machine will help ensure great results every time!