What Pantone Color Is Hermes Orange?

Have you ever heard of Hermes Orange? It’s a distinctive shade of orange that’s become synonymous with the luxury fashion brand, Hermes.

What is Pantone Color?

Before we dive into what Pantone color Hermes Orange is, let’s first understand what Pantone color is. Pantone is a universal language of color used in various industries such as fashion, graphic design, and printing. It provides a standardized system for identifying and matching colors so that they can be reproduced consistently across different materials and products.

What Is Hermes Orange?

Hermes Orange is a specific shade of orange that’s used by the French luxury brand, Hermes. It’s a bright, bold hue that can be described as somewhere between a deep orange and a burnt sienna.

How Was Hermes Orange Created?

The story behind how Hermes Orange came to be is quite interesting. In the 1920s, Emile-Maurice Hermes, the grandson of the founder of the company, was vacationing in Africa when he saw an exotic animal – an orangutan – at a zoo. The striking orange-brown fur of the animal caught his eye and inspired him to create a new shade for his brand.

The exact process used to create Hermes Orange remains a closely guarded secret by the brand. However, it’s believed that it involves mixing several shades of red and yellow until the perfect hue is achieved.

What Is The Pantone Color Of Hermes Orange?

So what exactly is the Pantone color code for Hermes Orange? While there isn’t an exact match since it’s a proprietary color created by Hermes, it’s said to be closest to Pantone 151C or 144C.

  • Pantone 151C: This shade is described as an “earthy orange” with warm undertones.
  • Pantone 144C: This shade is a bit brighter and more vibrant than 151C, with a slightly more yellow undertone.

Why Is Hermes Orange So Important?

Hermes Orange has become an iconic color for the brand and is synonymous with its luxury products. It’s used on everything from the brand’s signature Birkin bags to its scarves, ties, and other accessories. The color has become so closely associated with the brand that it’s often referred to simply as “Hermes Orange.”

In conclusion, while there isn’t an exact Pantone match for Hermes Orange, it’s closest to Pantone 151C or 144C. This distinctive shade has become an important part of the Hermes brand and represents luxury and sophistication.