What Color Is Hermes Orange?

Have you ever wondered what color Hermes Orange is? If you’re a fan of the luxury brand, you’ve likely heard of this iconic hue. Hermes Orange is a distinctive shade that has become synonymous with the brand’s signature look.

So, what exactly is Hermes Orange?

The History of Hermes Orange

The story behind this vibrant color dates back to the 1940s when Emile-Maurice Hermes, the grandson of the brand’s founder, was looking for a way to stand out in the crowded luxury market. He wanted a color that was bold and eye-catching but also elegant and timeless.

After extensive research and experimentation, he settled on a shade that he felt embodied the spirit of the brand. This color was bright and vibrant but with a subtle warmth that made it feel luxurious.

Defining Hermes Orange

Hermes Orange is often described as a burnt orange or terracotta color. It’s not quite red, not quite orange, and not quite brown. Instead, it’s an amalgamation of all three colors.

The exact shade of Hermes Orange can vary slightly depending on the material it’s applied to and how it’s dyed. However, there are certain characteristics that remain consistent across all products featuring this color.

The Qualities of Hermes Orange

  • Vibrant: As mentioned earlier, Hermes Orange is an attention-grabbing hue that demands to be noticed.
  • Elegant: Despite its boldness, there’s something refined about this color. It exudes sophistication and class.
  • Timeless: While trends come and go, Hermes Orange has remained relevant for decades.

    It’s a classic color that never goes out of style.

  • Versatile: Despite its distinctive look, Hermes Orange can be paired with a wide range of colors and patterns. It works well as an accent or a statement piece.

How to Wear Hermes Orange

If you’re looking to incorporate this iconic color into your wardrobe, there are plenty of ways to do so. The key is to use it strategically and not overwhelm your outfit.

For example, you could pair a Hermes Orange scarf with a neutral outfit to add a pop of color. Alternatively, you could opt for an accessory like a handbag or belt in this shade.

For those who are feeling bold, you could go all out and wear an outfit entirely in Hermes Orange. However, this is definitely not for the faint of heart!


In conclusion, Hermes Orange is a unique and striking color that has become synonymous with the luxury brand’s aesthetic. Whether you’re incorporating it into your wardrobe or simply admiring it from afar, there’s no denying the impact this hue has had on fashion and design.

So next time someone asks you “what color is Hermes Orange?” you’ll have all the knowledge needed to give them an informed answer.