What Kind of Engineering Is Product Design?

Product design engineering is a type of engineering that focuses on the creation and development of products, from concept to production. It combines elements of industrial design, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering to create products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Product designers have an understanding of the design process, materials and manufacturing techniques, ergonomics, and safety standards. They are responsible for making sure that their products meet all of these requirements and standards before they reach the consumer.

To become a product design engineer, a student typically needs to complete a bachelor’s degree in industrial design, product design or engineering. In addition to coursework in physics, mathematics and chemistry, students should expect to take courses related to their chosen area of specialization such as computer-aided drafting (CAD), rapid prototyping (RP), prototyping software tools, injection molding processes, 3D printing technologies and materials science.

Product design engineers use a variety of tools and techniques to develop new products. These include computer-aided design (CAD) software programs such as AutoCAD or Solidworks; 3D printers; RP machines; injection molding machines; hand tools; and various technologies such as laser cutting or CNC machining.

Product design engineers must also understand how to use materials properly for different applications. They must be familiar with various metals (such as steel or aluminum), plastics (such as ABS or polyethylene) and composites (such as carbon fiber reinforced plastics). Depending on the application, they may need to have knowledge about adhesives, coatings or sealants.


Product Design Engineering is a field that combines elements from multiple disciplines including industrial design, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. It requires knowledge of CAD software programs such as AutoCAD or Solidworks; 3D printers; RP machines; injection molding machines; hand tools; laser cutting technology; CNC machining; materials selection & testing methods; ergonomics & safety standards. Product Design Engineers must be knowledgeable about various metals & plastics in order to create safe & functional products for consumers.