What Field Is Product Design?

Product design is an interdisciplinary field that involves the creation of products that are useful, attractive, and marketable. It requires creativity and an understanding of the design principles and processes that are used to create successful products. The goal of product design is to produce products that meet customer needs while also being cost-effective and efficient.

Product designers must be knowledgeable in a number of disciplines, including engineering, industrial design, psychology, ergonomics, marketing, and manufacturing. They must have a deep understanding of the materials used in the product’s construction as well as the methods used to manufacture it. Product designers must also be familiar with trends in consumer preferences and be able to anticipate what consumers will want next.

Product designers must be able to visualize how a product will look from all angles. They must consider how it will fit into its environment as well as how it will interact with users.

Product designers must understand user experience principles such as usability and accessibility in order to create intuitive designs that are easy to use. Additionally they need to consider the manufacturing process and determine the most cost-effective way to produce the product while still maintaining quality standards.

Another important element of product design is branding. Product designers must have an eye for detail when it comes to incorporating visual elements such as colors, shapes, font styles, textures, etc., into their designs in order to create a strong brand identity for their clients’ products.

Product design is a complex field that requires knowledge of many different disciplines in order to create successful products that meet customer needs and stand out from their competition. With its combination of creativity and technical expertise, product design offers exciting opportunities for professionals who wish to pursue a career in this growing industry.


Product Design is an interdisciplinary field that combines engineering, industrial design, psychology, ergonomics, marketing and manufacturing knowledge together with creativity and innovation towards creating products which are attractive, useful and marketable. Product Designers need an eye for detail when it comes to branding elements such as colors shapes font styles etc., creating an identity for their client’s products which stands out from competition.