What Jobs Can You Do With a Product Design Degree?

Product design degrees offer a variety of career options for those who have the skills and expertise to develop, create, and design products. This degree focuses on the development of innovative products from concept to production. It involves both theoretical knowledge and practical experience in topics such as product engineering, ergonomics, industrial design, and manufacturing processes.

Students who pursue a product design degree learn about the process of developing products from concept to completion. They study the principles of product development including research and analysis, concept generation, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing. They also acquire skills in aesthetic design principles such as color theory, composition, texture, proportion, material selection, and more.

Product designers work in a wide range of industries including consumer electronics, furniture design, automotive manufacturing, medical devices, apparel production, toys and games development, architectural lighting systems design, consumer packaged goods development and more. The product designer is responsible for creating functional designs that are aesthetically pleasing while meeting customer needs and demands.

In addition to working in industry-specific fields like automotive or medical device design fields that require specialized knowledge or skills related to the specific sector they are working in; product designers may also choose to work as independent consultants or freelancers. These professionals work with companies on a contractual basis to develop new products or improve existing ones with their knowledge and expertise in product engineering.

There are a variety of job opportunities available for individuals with a product design degree. These include positions within industrial design firms such as project managers or software engineers; research positions within universities or laboratories; engineering roles within small businesses; creative director positions at larger companies; marketing roles at advertising agencies; or even teaching positions at schools focusing on product design courses.


A product design degree provides students with the skills needed to become successful innovators within various industries that require expertise in creating functional designs that meet customer needs. With this degree comes numerous job opportunities ranging from research positions within universities or laboratories to marketing roles at advertising agencies or even teaching positions at schools focusing on product design courses.