What Jobs Can You Get With a Product Design Degree?

Product design is the process of creating new products for the market, from concept to final production. Product designers are responsible for the look, feel and function of the product, from its conception to its engineering and manufacture. Product design degrees equip graduates with the skills and knowledge to create innovative products that meet customer needs.

A product design degree is an excellent way to pursue a career in this field. It provides a comprehensive education in all aspects of product design, including user experience, ergonomics, engineering, materials science and manufacturing processes.

Students learn how to create products that are aesthetically pleasing yet functional and safe. They develop an understanding of the principles of design thinking, which is essential for creating successful products.

With a product design degree, graduates can pursue various job roles within the industry. These include industrial designers who create the look and feel of a product; user experience designers who determine how users interact with a product; engineering designers who develop the technical specifications; materials scientists who research suitable materials; ergonomists who ensure products are comfortable to use; and manufacturing engineers who develop efficient production processes.

Product designers also work in cross-functional teams with engineers, marketers and other professionals to ensure successful outcomes. They need strong communication skills as well as creativity and problem-solving abilities in order to be successful.


A product design degree prepares graduates for many different job roles within the industry. From industrial designers to ergonomists and manufacturing engineers – those with a product design degree will have access to many exciting opportunities in this ever-evolving field.