What Is the Difference Between Product and Product Design?

The difference between product and product design is an important one to understand in the world of business. Product design is the process of creating an item for sale, while a product is the resulting physical or virtual item that has been created.

Product design involves a series of steps, from concept to creation. It begins with research into user needs and market trends, followed by the development of prototypes and testing.

Once the design is finalized, it is then sent to production, where it is manufactured into a physical product or developed into a digital solution.

Product design focuses on optimizing the user experience, taking into account aesthetics, ergonomics, usability, and other factors that can impact customer satisfaction. It also considers environmental factors such as sustainability and recyclability when creating products. By carefully evaluating customer feedback during each step in the process, product designers can ensure that their products are designed to meet customer expectations.

A product is the end result of this process – a tangible or digital item that customers can purchase for their own use. It may be something physical like a mobile phone or laptop computer; or virtual like software or web applications. A product must have features that meet customer needs and be attractive enough for customers to buy it.


In summary, product design focuses on creating an item for sale, while a product is the resulting physical or digital item created from this process. Product designers must consider user needs and market trends when designing products in order to provide customers with high-quality products that meet their expectations.