What Is the Difference Between Industrial Design and Industrial Engineering?

Industrial Design and Industrial Engineering are two distinct disciplines in the field of engineering. Industrial Design deals with the design of products and services, while Industrial Engineering focuses on the optimization of production systems. The two disciplines have different approaches to problem solving and are used in different industries.

Industrial Design involves creating products or services that meet customer needs.

It involves studying customer requirements, developing prototypes, testing products and services, and ultimately, producing them for sale. This discipline requires an understanding of aesthetics, ergonomics, materials science, and production processes. Industrial designers often use computer-aided design (CAD) software to help visualize their designs.

Industrial Engineering combines engineering principles with business practices to optimize complex systems such as those found in manufacturing plants. These systems are made up of people, machines, materials, information, and energy resources.

Industrial engineers analyze existing systems to determine how they can be improved or redesigned to maximize efficiency and minimize waste. They also develop new processes or technologies to improve production performance.

The primary difference between industrial design and industrial engineering is the focus:

  • Industrial Design focuses on the aesthetic design of products or services for customers.
  • Industrial Engineering focuses on the optimization of production systems for businesses.

Both disciplines have a significant impact on businesses by helping them increase their efficiency and profitability. However, they require different skillsets and approaches meaning that they attract different types of professionals.


In conclusion, it is clear that industrial design and industrial engineering are two distinct fields of engineering with very different focuses; one is focused on creating aesthetically pleasing products for customers while the other is focused on optimizing production systems for businesses.