What Is the Difference Between Design and Industrial Design?

Design and industrial design are both creative disciplines concerned with the development of visual aesthetics, but there are distinct differences between them. Design is a broad term that encompasses a variety of mediums and areas, from graphic design to interior design. Industrial design focuses specifically on products, from those that are mass-produced to those made in limited runs.

Design is an umbrella term for all kinds of creative work, such as graphic design, interior design, fashion design and more.

It is often associated with problem-solving and involves understanding how people interact with objects and spaces. It can involve creating a concept or idea from scratch or modifying existing designs to create something new. In general, designers pay attention to how forms and colors can be used to create an aesthetically pleasing end product.

Industrial design focuses on products—everything from the everyday items we use in our homes or at work to high-end luxury goods—and their functionality within society. It involves the process of creating a physical object from concept to production. This includes researching trends in the marketplace, developing sketches and prototypes, specifying materials and components, testing for safety and usability, as well as producing artwork for packaging.

The main difference between design and industrial design is that design is more about problem-solving while industrial design focuses specifically on the development of products. Designers must consider user experience when creating objects or spaces while industrial designers need to think about practicality as well as aesthetics when designing objects for mass production. Both disciplines require creativity but have different goals in mind when it comes to their outputs.

In conclusion, while both disciplines require creative thinking abilities they have different approaches when it comes to output production; Designers focus on problem solving through various mediums while Industrial Designers focus on specific products for mass productions.