What Is the Average Score on Design Home?

Design Home is a free-to-play game where users can design virtual rooms in 3D and win rewards. Players must use their creativity and design skills to create beautiful, functional rooms with the provided items.

The game provides users with furniture, wall art, and accessories to choose from, as well as tools that allow them to customize their room designs. Players then post their creations on the Design Home social media page for other players to rate.

Design Home is a popular game among interior designers and home decor enthusiasts alike. It allows players to showcase their design skills and get feedback from other players about how they can improve their designs. As such, the game has become a great platform for budding designers to hone their skills and compete against one another.

The average score on Design Home varies depending on the user’s skill level and the complexity of their creations. Some players may be able to achieve higher scores than others due to their expertise in interior design or access to higher quality items in the game. However, most players will likely receive an average score somewhere between 4-7 out of 10.


What Is the Average Score on Design Home? The average score on Design Home depends on many factors such as skill level and complexity of the design, but generally it ranges from 4-7 out of 10.