What Is a Good Score in Design Home?

Design Home is an app-based game where players can design and decorate virtual rooms using real life furniture and accessories. Players are given the challenge of creating a room on a budget, picking from a range of furniture and decorations to create the perfect space.

The game also allows players to rate their work and earn points for their designs. But what is a good score in Design Home?

A good score in Design Home depends on several factors such as the overall design of the room, how well it fits within the allotted budget, and how well it has been decorated with furniture and accessories. To get a high score, it is important to pay attention to detail, choose items that fit the overall theme or color scheme of the room, and keep within the budget.

Players can also earn extra points by adding special touches to their room such as artwork or unique pieces of furniture. These extra details can help give a room that extra bit of personality which will be reflected in its final score. Additionally, if players follow popular trends in design they may also be able to increase their scores.

Overall, players should focus on creating a well-balanced room with plenty of style and personality without going over budget. This will help ensure that they receive a good score in Design Home.


A good score in Design Home depends on how well the player has created a balanced room within the allotted budget with plenty of style and personality added through unique pieces of furniture or artwork. Paying attention to detail and following popular trends can also help increase one’s final score.