What Is Industrial Home Design?

Industrial home design is a style that draws heavily on the industrial aesthetic of the early 20th century. It favours aged, raw materials such as exposed brick walls, metal features and wooden floorboards. Industrial home design also often makes use of utilitarian, functional elements such as factory-style lighting and vintage furniture.

The industrial style is growing in popularity among homeowners who want to create an urban-inspired aesthetic within the home. The look can be achieved through the use of reclaimed materials and carefully considered hues and textures.

For instance, on walls you could use exposed brick or paint them with a vintage-style colour palette such as greys and earthy browns. Metal features like pipes or railings can be used to add an industrial edge to any space.

To give your home a more authentic feel, incorporating vintage furniture is an option too. Many pieces from the early 20th century are still available today, so you can easily achieve this look with a little research and creativity. For example, if you’re looking for seating solutions then a worn leather sofa or armchair from the 1940s will provide an instant injection of industrial charm into your living room.

When it comes to lighting, opting for factory-style light fixtures is another way to complete your industrial home design look. Pieces like metal pendant lights or adjustable wall sconces will help create an urban atmosphere within your home’s interior spaces.


Industrial home design is all about creating an urban atmosphere through raw materials and vintage pieces that evoke memories of the industrial age. To achieve this look in your own home you can make use of exposed brick walls, metal features and vintage furniture combined with factory-style lighting solutions to bring it all together.