What Is Industrial Design Degree?

Industrial design degree is an undergraduate or graduate program that focuses on the development of products and services for commercial use. It is a unique type of design that combines art, technology and engineering to create innovative solutions for a variety of industries. This type of degree prepares students to become skilled problem solvers, innovators and entrepreneurs who can think outside of the box when it comes to product design and development.

Students in an industrial design program will learn how to apply creative thinking and problem-solving skills to product design. They will also study drawing, sketching, CAD (Computer Aided Design), model making, prototyping, materials science and ergonomics. These skills help students understand how products are made from concept to completion and provides them with the knowledge needed to produce effective designs that meet consumer needs.

A degree in industrial design also teaches students about manufacturing processes, product engineering, marketing strategies, user experience studies and trends in the industry. This knowledge helps designers create products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing for consumers. Additionally, industrial designers are often required to understand safety regulations in order to ensure their products meet particular safety standards.

The job market for industrial designers is highly competitive as employers look for candidates with creative problem solving abilities as well as technical expertise. Industrial designers can find work in a variety of areas such as automotive, medical device manufacturing, consumer electronics or aerospace industries.

Some may even go on to specialize in certain areas such as automotive interiors or packaging design.


An industrial design degree provides graduates with the necessary skillset required for product development. It teaches students how to apply creative thinking when it comes to designing products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing while also being mindful of safety regulations. An industrial designer can find work in many different industries which gives them flexibility when entering the job market.