What Is a Industrial Design Degree?

An industrial design degree is a great option for those who are looking for a career in the creative fields. It is a type of degree that focuses on the creation of consumer products, from concept to finished product. This includes the design, development, and manufacture of consumer goods, from furniture to electronics.

Industrial design degrees are typically offered at universities or art schools. They may be part of a larger art or design program or may be a stand-alone program.

Industrial design degrees usually require students to complete coursework in both the artistic and technical aspects of product design. Courses may include drawing and painting, sculpture, computer-aided design (CAD), product development, manufacturing processes, and market research. Additionally, industrial designers must have an understanding of materials science and ergonomics in order to create products that are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Industrial designers have the opportunity to work in many different industries including automotive engineering, medical device design, consumer product development, and video game production. Many industrial designers also work as consultants on projects for other companies or organizations. With an industrial design degree, graduates can go on to become engineers or even entrepreneurs and start their own business designing products for clients all over the world.

Those with an industrial design degree can also find employment with large corporations such as Nike or Apple where they can focus on branding and creating innovative products that appeal to customers’ needs and desires. In addition to creating appealing designs for products, industrial designers must also understand the internal workings of machines in order to make sure their designs are safe and efficient for use by consumers.

A career in industrial design is perfect for creative individuals who want to combine their love of art with practical skills such as problem solving and engineering principles. An industrial design degree can open up opportunities all over the world in a variety of different industries.


A degree in industrial design is an excellent choice for those looking for a career that combines creativity with problem solving skills and engineering principles. It opens up opportunities all over the world in a variety of different industries ranging from medical device production to video game production.