What Is Concept Design of Product?

Concept design of product is a process of creating an idea or concept for a product. It involves imagining, sketching and refining a concept that meets the customer’s needs, and the company’s goals. It is an important step in the product development process, from idea generation to market launch.

Idea Generation – The first step in concept design of product is to generate ideas that meet the customer’s needs and the company’s goals. This can be done by brainstorming and researching existing products. Ideas can also be generated from customer feedback, surveys, or market trends.

Sketching and Refining – After generating ideas, they need to be sketched out in detail. This should include features like size, shape, color, materials used, and any other important details.

Once sketches are made, they can be refined to create a better design that meets all requirements. This is often done through prototyping and testing various iterations until the desired design is achieved.

Product Development – Once the concept has been finalized through sketching and refining, it can be developed into a product by creating a prototype or a working model of the design. This can involve engineering processes such as 3D printing or molding technologies depending on what type of product it is. The prototype should then be tested for durability and safety before it goes into production for mass-market sale.


Concept design of product is an important part of any successful product development process as it involves imagining, sketching and refining an idea that meets both customer’s needs and company’s goals. Through idea generation followed by sketching and refining iterations of the design plus developing a prototype before mass production allows for greater chances of success when launching products in the market.