What Is an Industrial Design in Business?

Industrial design in business is the practice of designing products or services for a specific purpose, with an emphasis on creating products or services that are both attractive and functional. It is the art of developing solutions for mass production, taking into account cost, safety, ergonomics, sustainability, and other factors.

Industrial design seeks to improve the aesthetic appeal of a product and its usability. Industrial designers work with a range of materials and technologies to create efficient solutions that meet customer needs while also meeting environmental goals.

Industrial design is used in many different industries including automotive, medical device, aerospace, consumer electronics and furniture design. In these industries industrial designers will often collaborate with engineers to create products that are both aesthetically pleasing and technically sound. For example in automotive design industrial designers may work on exterior styling and interior ergonomics while engineers focus on engine performance and safety features.

Industrial designers must consider the cost implications of their designs when creating products or services. They must also consider how their designs will be produced in large quantities while still being cost effective to produce.

This requires them to use advanced prototyping techniques such as 3D printing to create working models before committing to mass production. Industrial designers must also take into account regulations related to product safety and sustainability when designing new products or services.

Industrial design has an important role in business as it allows companies to create products or services that are attractive and efficient which can provide them with a competitive edge in the market place. By understanding the principles of industrial design businesses can ensure that their products meet customer requirements while also meeting their own goal of reducing costs associated with production and improving profitability.


Industrial design is an essential tool for businesses looking to develop innovative products or services that are both attractive and functional. It takes into account cost, safety, ergonomics, sustainability and other factors when creating solutions for mass production. Industrial designers must collaborate with engineers while considering cost implications when designing new products or services so they can provide customers with an optimal solution while still meeting environmental goals.