What Is Industrial Design in Simple Words?

Industrial design is a creative process that involves creating and designing products for mass production and commercial sale. It is a combination of art, engineering, and design that takes into account the aesthetic appeal of a product, its usability and functionality, as well as its production costs.

Industrial designers must consider the cultural context of their designs in order to create something that will be attractive to consumers in different regions and countries. The industrial designer must be able to work collaboratively with engineers, manufacturers, marketers, and other professionals in order to bring their vision to life.

Industrial designers use a variety of tools such as computers and software programs in order to create detailed technical drawings for the manufacturing process. They must also have knowledge about materials, manufacturing processes, and assembly methods. Industrial designers also play an important role in product research by conducting surveys or focus groups with potential customers in order to gauge public opinion on various aspects of the product.

In addition to creating products from scratch, industrial designers are often called upon to update existing products or make modifications that improve their usability or appearance. This requires an understanding of the product’s current state as well as an ability to think creatively about solutions that could improve it. Industrial designers must also stay abreast of current trends in design, technology, and consumer preferences in order to create products that will have mass appeal.

In Simple Words:

Industrial design is the creative process of designing products for mass production and commercial sale. It combines art, engineering and design principles with knowledge about materials and manufacturing processes. Industrial designers must take into account customer preferences when creating products so they will be attractive to consumers around the world.


Industrial design is a complex field that requires creativity as well as technical knowledge. In simple terms it is the process of designing items for mass production which are attractive to consumers across different regions while taking into account cost efficiency.