What Is a Degree in Industrial and Product Design?

A degree in Industrial and Product Design is an academic program that focuses on the design of products and systems used in industrial, commercial, and domestic settings. Students learn about the principles of design, materials engineering, manufacturing processes, ergonomics, and business management. They also develop skills in communication and problem-solving to aid them in creating innovative products that meet customer needs.

A degree in Industrial and Product Design provides a comprehensive education that covers a range of topics related to product design. Courses cover topics such as product styling, form-finding techniques, prototyping techniques, and product testing.

Students also learn about visual communication methods such as drawing and sketching to help them create effective designs. Additionally, they take courses on the history of design so they can understand how past designs have influenced current trends.

An Industrial and Product Design degree prepares students for careers in a wide array of industries. Graduates may find work as product designers for consumer electronics or automotive companies.

They may also be hired by furniture companies or appliance makers to create unique products tailored to customer needs. Other potential career paths include positions at graphic design firms or industrial engineering firms.

Industrial designers must possess strong technical skills as well as creativity to be successful in their field. They must have an understanding of materials engineering so they can select the best materials for their designs. They must also have the ability to think critically about design challenges so they can create innovative solutions that meet customer requirements.


A degree in Industrial and Product Design provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful career designing products for various industries. Students learn about materials engineering, manufacturing processes, business management, visual communication methods, and more throughout their studies. With this degree program, graduates are prepared for a variety of jobs related to product design.