Which Is Better Product Design or Industrial Design?

Product design and industrial design are two distinct concepts that are both necessary for the development of products. Product design focuses on the overall look and feel of a product, while industrial design focuses on creating functional and efficient designs.

Product design is all about creating an aesthetically pleasing product that appeals to customers. It involves creating a product that is visually attractive, with attention to detail, such as color, shape, texture, and form. The goal is to create a product that customers will be drawn to and want to purchase. Designers must consider a variety of factors when creating a product, such as the Target market, current trends in the industry, and the overall purpose of the product.

Industrial design focuses on making products efficient and ergonomic.

It involves designing a product in such a way that it can be easily manufactured and used with minimal effort. Industrial designers must take into account factors such as safety guidelines, ergonomics, user experience, materials used in manufacturing, and cost-effectiveness when designing a product. They must also consider how the product’s components interact with each other so that it can perform its intended purpose efficiently.

Both product design and industrial design are necessary for creating successful products that meet customer demands. Product designers focus on making sure their products look attractive while industrial designers focus on making sure they function properly. Both disciplines rely heavily on research into customer needs and trends in order to inform their designs.


In conclusion, both product design and industrial design are equally important for creating successful products for customers; however, it really depends on what kind of product you’re trying to create as to which discipline is more important or beneficial in the end. Ultimately though, both disciplines need to work together in order to achieve success in developing new products or services for customers.