What Is 3D Design in Tinkercad?

3D Design in Tinkercad is a powerful online tool that enables users to create 3D models of their own designs. It is an easy to use, intuitive platform that requires no prior experience or understanding of 3D modeling software.

With its simple interface, you can quickly and easily generate 3D models, as well as customize them to fit your specific needs.

Tinkercad enables users to design three-dimensional objects from scratch or by uploading existing 3D models from other software applications like CAD and SolidWorks. The software also allows for the import of 2D images, which can then be extruded into 3D shapes. Additionally, it features a range of tools for manipulating the model’s shape, size and orientation in order to customize the design exactly how you want it.

The user interface of Tinkercad is designed to be user-friendly and easy to learn. It features a drag-and-drop system, allowing users to quickly and easily add elements such as shapes and primitives into their design.

A range of basic editing tools are also available, including scaling and rotating objects as well as adding text labels.

More advanced tools are available for experienced users who want more control over their designs. These include the ability to export files in various formats such as STL, OBJ and SVG; support for Boolean operations like unioning shapes together; and the ability to create custom primitives using curves.


Tinkercad is an excellent option for anyone looking for a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for creating 3D designs. Its intuitive user interface makes it simple for beginners to learn while providing advanced features for experienced designers who need more control over their designs. With its wide range of features, Tinkercad is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a powerful yet accessible 3D design tool.