What Is Tinkercad 3D Design?

Tinkercad 3D Design is an online 3D design and printing platform that allows users to create their own designs, modify existing designs, and then print them out. It is a great way for beginners to learn about 3D design and printing technology as well as for experienced designers to quickly prototype their ideas.

The software is easy to use, with a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows users to create their own models from scratch or modify existing models. Users can add text, shapes, colors, and more to their designs. They can also customize the size of their model by entering a desired dimension in millimeters or inches.

Tinkercad also has an extensive library of pre-made models for users to choose from. These include animals, furniture, robots, vehicles, jewelry, sculptures, and more. Users can also browse other users’ designs and use them as inspiration or even modify them with their own changes.

The software includes a number of tools that allow users to manipulate their models in various ways such as sculpting, extruding shapes into 3D objects, and creating hollow objects. In addition to these tools, Tinkercad also includes tutorials that walk users through the process of creating 3D designs step-by-step. Once the model is completed it can be printed out using a 3D printer or sent directly to a professional printing service such as Shapeways or Sculpteo for fabrication.

Tinkercad is free for everyone and requires no software downloads or installations; all you need is an internet connection and web browser to get started. As an online platform it supports collaboration between designers from all over the world making it easier than ever before for designers to share ideas and work together on projects.

Tinkercad 3D Design is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to explore 3D design and printing technology without any prior experience or knowledge required. With its user friendly interface and extensive library of models it makes it easy for both beginners and experienced designers alike to quickly create prototypes of whatever they can imagine.


In conclusion, Tinkercad 3D Design is an intuitive online platform that makes it easy for anyone interested in designing in three dimensions – including both beginners and experienced professionals – to quickly create prototypes of any idea they have in mind.