What Does Silhouette Mean in Clothing?

Silhouette is a term widely used in the fashion industry to describe the overall shape of a garment. The Silhouette of a garment can tell us a lot about the cut and design, and it can also help us to decide if a certain style is right for our body type or not.

Silhouettes can be divided into two main categories: fitted or loose. Fitted Silhouettes are those that are close-fitting, such as body-hugging dresses, pencil skirts, and skinny jeans. Loose Silhouettes, on the other hand, include more relaxed styles like shift dresses, wide-leg trousers, and oversized shirts.

The Silhouette of a garment also influences its overall aesthetic. For example, an A-line skirt has a flared shape that makes it look feminine and flattering.

A trapeze dress has an inverted triangle Silhouette that creates an airy look. Similarly, a drop waist dress has a low waistline that gives it a vintage feel.

Silhouette also affects how we perceive our bodies. For instance, an empire waist dress with its high waistline draws attention up to the bust line which can be very flattering for someone with a small midsection. On the other hand, someone with wide hips may prefer an A-line skirt because it skims the hips without drawing too much attention to them.

When choosing garments for our wardrobe it’s important to consider not only fabric and color but also Silhouette. The right Silhouette can flatter our figure while an ill-fitting one can make us look awkward or unflattering. Knowing which Silhouettes suit us best is essential in helping us create outfits that make us look and feel great!


In conclusion, when shopping for clothing it’s important to consider Silhouette in addition to fabric and color as it plays an important role in how we perceive our bodies as well as influencing the overall aesthetic of an outfit. By taking into account our body type and choosing Silhouettes that flatter us we can create outfits that make us look and feel great!