What Does the Word Silhouette Mean?

Silhouette is a term most often used in art and photography, but it has its roots in fashion. A Silhouette is an outline or a shape of a person or object that appears dark against a lighter background.

It is most commonly used to depict the human form and shapes, but can also be used to emphasize the shape of an object.

Silhouettes were first used in the 18th century, when they became popular as a way to portray fashion trends and styles of the period. The term Silhouette was coined by French finance minister Etienne de Silhouette in 1759, after his frugal economic policies left him with little money for portraits.

Today, Silhouettes are still widely used in art and photography as a way to depict an image of someone or something without showing any details. It can be used to express emotion or mood, or to create an abstract representation of an object or scene.

In addition to its use in art and photography, the Silhouette has also been adopted by many designers as a stylistic technique. Silhouettes are often used on clothing items such as t-shirts and jackets, giving them a bold graphic look.


The word Silhouette is derived from fashion and has been widely adopted by artists and photographers alike. It’s a simple yet effective way to create an outline or shape that stands out against a lighter background without showing too much detail. It’s also become popular with designers who use it as a stylistic technique on clothing items such as t-shirts and jackets.