What Do Landscape Design Companies Do?

Landscape design companies provide a variety of services to their clients. From designing and building outdoor spaces to providing ongoing maintenance, these companies are able to create beautiful landscaping for their customers.

Designers at landscape design companies work to create aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces that are both functional and attractive. They will often start by meeting with the client and discussing the desired look and feel of the area, as well as any particular needs or wants from the customer.

Based on this information, the designer will develop a plan for the landscaping project that meets all of the customer’s expectations. This plan includes details such as the type of vegetation that should be used, where it should be placed, what kind of irrigation system should be used, and any other features that will make up the space.

Once a plan has been created, it is time for installation. Landscape design companies must have experienced installers who are able to take the plans and turn them into reality. This includes laying sod or planting trees or shrubs, installing hardscaping such as patios or walkways, setting up irrigation systems and lighting systems, creating flower beds and borders, and more.

In addition to installation services, many landscape design companies also offer ongoing maintenance services to keep your outdoor space looking its best all year long. This may include mowing grass, pruning trees and shrubs, fertilizing plants and lawns, weeding flower beds, applying mulch and other materials to help maintain moisture levels in soil, pest control services if needed, leaf removal in fall months, snow removal in winter months if needed, and more.

Conclusion: Landscape design companies provide many different services designed to create beautiful outdoor spaces for their customers. Services include designing plans based on customer needs; installing vegetation such as trees or shrubs; hardscaping such as patios or walkways; irrigation systems; lighting systems; flower beds; borders; ongoing maintenance including mowing grasses; pruning trees; fertilizing plants; weeding flower beds; pest control if needed; leaf removal in fall months; snow removal in winter months if necessary; and much more. In short they provide complete landscaping solutions.