What Software Is Used for Landscape Design?

Landscape design is an essential part of any outdoor space, creating a functional and beautiful outdoor living area for your home. From the initial concept to the finished product, landscape design requires careful planning, creativity and attention to detail. To help bring your landscape design vision to life, there are several software programs available to assist in the process.

CAD Pro is a comprehensive computer-aided design program that can be used for landscape design. It allows users to create detailed plans, elevations and 3D models of their proposed landscaping projects.

CAD Pro also offers built-in tools specifically designed for landscaping including planting symbols, irrigation systems and other features related to exterior landscaping.

Realtime Landscaping Plus is a user-friendly program with a wide range of features tailored specifically for landscaping projects. It includes tools such as plant database with over 5,000 plants, detailed 3D visuals and walkthroughs, topography mapping and more. The program also allows users to import photos so they can get an accurate representation of what their project will look like before starting.

SketchUp is an intuitive 3D modeling program with powerful capabilities for landscape designers. This program allows users to quickly create detailed 3D models from scratch or from their own photos and includes easy-to-use tools for designing landscapes from the ground up.

Users can also access a library of pre-made objects such as trees, bushes and other plants.


Software has revolutionized the landscape design process by allowing designers to quickly create detailed plans and visualize their projects in 3D before starting work on them. Whether you are looking for an all-in-one solution like CAD Pro or something more specialized like SketchUp or Realtime Landscaping Plus, there are plenty of software options available that can help bring your landscape design vision to life.