What Did Versace First Sell?

Gianni Versace is a name synonymous with luxury and high fashion. His eponymous label, Versace, has become a global fashion powerhouse, renowned for its opulent designs and iconic prints.

But what did Versace first sell? Let’s take a trip down memory lane to explore the origins of this iconic brand.

The Early Days

The story of Versace begins in 1978 when Gianni Versace established the brand in Milan, Italy. At the time, the fashion industry was dominated by traditional designers like Chanel and Dior, but Versace brought a fresh perspective to the table.

The First Collection

Versace’s first collection was launched in 1978 and it was an instant success. The collection featured bold prints, vibrant colors, and daring cuts that were unlike anything that had been seen before. It showcased Gianni’s unique vision for fashion which was heavily influenced by his Italian heritage.

What Did Versace First Sell?

The first product that Versace sold was not clothing but rather a line of luxury accessories. These included silk scarves, ties, and shirts that were designed with intricate patterns and bold colors. Gianni’s attention to detail and his love for prints were evident even in these early designs.

The Rise to Fame

It didn’t take long for Versace to gain international recognition. In 1982, he launched his first women’s collection which featured his signature style of bold colors, prints, and daring cuts. The collection was an instant hit amongst celebrities like Madonna and Princess Diana who were drawn to its glamourous aesthetic.

In Conclusion

So there you have it – the answer to what did Versace first sell! While the brand is now known for its luxurious clothing lines, it all started with a line of accessories designed with Gianni’s unique vision for fashion. His bold prints and vibrant colors continue to inspire designers even today and his legacy lives on through the iconic Versace brand.