What Started Versace?

Versace is a legendary fashion brand that has been around for over four decades. It is known for its bold and daring designs that have been worn by some of the most iconic figures in history.

But what started Versace? Let’s take a closer look.

Early Years of Gianni Versace

Versace was founded by Gianni Versace in 1978. Born in Reggio Calabria, Italy in 1946, Gianni was the youngest of four siblings. His mother was a dressmaker, and she had a significant influence on his love for fashion.

Gianni started working in the fashion industry at a young age. He worked as an apprentice at his mother’s dressmaking shop before moving to Milan to work as a designer for various fashion houses.

The Birth of Versace

In 1978, Gianni decided to start his own label, and he named it after himself – Versace. The brand launched with a line of women’s ready-to-wear clothing. The collection was an instant hit, and the fashion industry took notice.

Versace’s designs were different from anything that had been seen before. He used bold colors, vibrant prints, and daring cuts to create pieces that were both provocative and elegant.

Expanding the Brand

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Versace continued to grow its brand. The company expanded its product lines to include men’s clothing, accessories, fragrances, and home goods.

Versace also became known for its celebrity clientele. Some of the most notable figures who wore Versace include Princess Diana, Elton John, Madonna, and Michael Jackson.

The Tragic End of Gianni Versace

In 1997, tragedy struck when Gianni Versace was murdered outside his home in Miami Beach. The world was shocked by the loss of such a talented designer, and the future of the brand was uncertain.

However, Gianni’s siblings, Santo and Donatella Versace, took over the company and continued his legacy. Today, Versace remains one of the most iconic fashion brands in the world.


In conclusion, Gianni Versace’s love for fashion and his passion for creativity led to the birth of one of the most iconic fashion brands in history. With its bold designs and celebrity clientele, Versace has left an indelible mark on the fashion industry. Even after Gianni’s tragic death, his siblings have continued to carry on his legacy.