What Course Is Product Design?

Product design is a field that is gaining more traction with the advancement of modern technologies and has seen a rise in its popularity in recent years. It is an interdisciplinary field of study that combines elements of engineering, design, marketing, and business. It encompasses the creation of innovative products and services that meet customer needs and wants.

Product design involves the development of ideas from concept to production. It starts with an idea or concept that is then taken through the design process to determine its feasibility and viability in the marketplace. The product designer must consider all aspects of the product, including usability, aesthetics, ergonomics, engineering, materials science, manufacturing processes, cost-effectiveness, marketing strategies and customer service.

The product designer must also be able to identify customer needs and wants as well as understand user behavior. In order to achieve this understanding they need to have a good knowledge of human factors engineering and user interface design principles in order to create products that are easy to use and aesthetically pleasing. They must also be able to create prototypes using computer aided design (CAD) software as well as have a good knowledge of manufacturing processes such as tooling and injection molding.

Product designers must also have good communication skills in order to effectively collaborate with other disciplines such as mechanical engineers, industrial designers, marketers and other stakeholders involved in the product’s development cycle. They must also have problem solving skills in order to identify potential problems during prototyping or testing stages before they become issues when it comes time for production.

In summary, Product Design is an interdisciplinary field which combines elements from engineering, design, marketing & business which involves creating innovative products & services that meet customer needs & wants through concept development & various stages within the product’s development cycle such as prototyping & testing while keeping an eye on cost-effectiveness & usability principles. Product designers need good communication skills & problem solving abilities while having a good knowledge of human factors engineering & user interface design principles along with CAD software capabilities & manufacturing processes.


Product Design is an exciting field which requires knowledge from multiple disciplines in order for it to be successful.

It requires creativity along with technical expertise in order for products created through this process to be successful in the marketplace. Those interested should pursue courses related to engineering, design, marketing & business so they can acquire the required skills necessary for success.