What College Does Graphic Design Fall Under?

Graphic design is an important part of a college education. It is used in both the business world and the arts. There are many types of graphic design and each has its own set of skills that are needed to create successful designs. Because of the complexity of graphic design, there are many colleges and universities that offer courses dedicated to this skill.

Graphic design falls under the umbrella of visual communication, which is a branch of communication studies. It is usually associated with advertising, publishing, packaging, printing, and new media. Graphic design courses can range from basic typography to hands-on projects involving illustration and vector graphics.

Students who study graphic design will typically take classes in drawing, photography, typography, color theory, web design, animation and motion graphics. They also learn about designing for print such as magazines and books as well as creating digital media and interactive experiences such as websites and apps.

Graphic designers often work with clients to create logos, brochures, packaging designs, websites and more. They may also be involved in creating signage or billboards for businesses or organizations.

The type of college that offers a degree in graphic design depends on the type of program they offer.

For example, some colleges specialize in offering a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design while others offer certificate programs or associate degrees. Some schools may even offer master’s degrees for those who want to specialize their skills or pursue a career in teaching.

Overall, graphic design can be found in any college or university that offers visual communication courses.

In conclusion, what college does graphic design fall under? Graphic Design falls under the umbrella of visual communication which can be found at any college or university that offers visual communication courses.