What Boats Are Used in the Prada Cup?

The Prada Cup is one of the most prestigious and exciting sailing events in the world. This competition brings together some of the best sailors and boats from around the globe to compete for a chance to challenge for the ultimate prize, the America’s Cup. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what boats are used in the Prada Cup.

What is the Prada Cup?

Before we dive into the boats, let’s first understand what the Prada Cup is all about. The Prada Cup is a competitive sailing race that acts as a qualifier for teams to compete in the America’s Cup. The event features teams from different countries competing against each other over a series of races until one team emerges victorious.

What Boats are Used in the Prada Cup?

The boats used in the Prada Cup are called AC75s, which stands for America’s Cup 75-foot class. These high-performance boats were designed specifically for this event by each team that competes in it. The AC75s are monohull racing yachts that are capable of reaching speeds of up to 50 knots or 60 miles per hour.

The Design of AC75s

The design of AC75s is unique and innovative, featuring advanced technologies that aid performance and stability. The boat has a large winged sail that provides power to move forward while also acting as a means of controlling its speed and direction. The boats also have foils attached to their hulls, which lift them out of the water when they reach certain speeds, reducing drag and increasing speed.

Team New Zealand’s Boat

Team New Zealand has designed an impressive AC75 called Te Rehutai, which means “sea spray” in Maori. This boat features cutting-edge technology such as an AI system that collects data on wind and water conditions, allowing the crew to make informed decisions about how to sail the boat.

Challenger of Record’s Boat

The Challenger of Record is a team that represents all the challengers in the Prada Cup. Their AC75 boat, called Luna Rossa, is a sleek and high-performing yacht that features an innovative retractable foil system. This system allows the boat to adjust its foils while sailing, providing greater control and stability.


The Prada Cup is an exciting event that showcases some of the world’s best sailors and boats. The AC75s used in this competition are marvels of modern engineering, featuring advanced technologies that aid performance and stability. With so much innovation on display, it’s no wonder that this event attracts millions of viewers from around the globe.