Is a Louis Vuitton Speedy Worth It?

Are you contemplating purchasing a Louis Vuitton Speedy? This iconic bag has been a symbol of luxury and fashion for decades.

But with its hefty price tag, you may be wondering, is it worth it? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Louis Vuitton Speedy and help you decide if it’s a worthwhile investment.

What is the Louis Vuitton Speedy?

The Louis Vuitton Speedy is a classic handbag that was first introduced in the 1930s. It’s a structured bag made from the brand’s signature monogram canvas or other materials such as Epi leather or Damier Azur canvas.

The bag features two top handles and a zip closure. It comes in four sizes – 25, 30, 35, and 40 – with the number indicating its length in centimeters.

The Pros of Owning a Louis Vuitton Speedy

1. High-Quality Materials: One of the biggest advantages of owning a Louis Vuitton Speedy is its quality. The brand uses only the finest materials to craft their bags, which are designed to last for years.

2. Timeless Design: Another benefit of owning a Louis Vuitton Speedy is its timeless design.

The bag has been in fashion for over eight decades and continues to be popular today. Its classic design means that it will never go out of style.

3. Versatility: The Louis Vuitton Speedy is versatile enough to be worn with almost any outfit – from casual jeans and t-shirts to formal dresses.

4. Resale Value: If you take good care of your Louis Vuitton Speedy, it can hold its value well over time. This means that if you ever decide to sell it, you can recoup a significant amount of your investment.

The Cons of Owning a Louis Vuitton Speedy

1. Price: One of the biggest drawbacks of owning a Louis Vuitton Speedy is its price. The bag is expensive, with prices starting at around $1,200 for the smallest size and going up to $2,000 or more for larger sizes or limited editions.

2. Maintenance: The Louis Vuitton Speedy requires some maintenance to keep it looking its best. The canvas material can get dirty over time and may need to be cleaned professionally.

3. Availability: Because the Louis Vuitton Speedy is such a popular bag, it can be difficult to find in stores. This means that you may have to wait several months for it to be restocked or purchase it secondhand at a higher price.

So, Is It Worth It?

Ultimately, whether or not a Louis Vuitton Speedy is worth it depends on your personal preferences and budget. If you are looking for a high-quality, timeless designer bag that will hold its value over time, then the Louis Vuitton Speedy is an excellent investment. However, if the price tag is too steep for you or if you prefer trendy bags that may go out of style quickly, then it may not be worth it.


The Louis Vuitton Speedy is an iconic bag that has stood the test of time. Its high-quality materials, timeless design, versatility, and resale value make it an excellent investment for those who can afford it.

However, its high price tag and maintenance requirements may make it less appealing to some buyers. Ultimately, only you can decide whether or not a Louis Vuitton Speedy is worth it for your lifestyle and budget.