What Blade Does the Silhouette Cameo Use?

The Silhouette Cameo is a popular cutting machine used for crafting and scrapbooking. It is an electronic cutting device that uses a small blade to precisely cut paper, fabric, vinyl, and other materials.

The Silhouette Cameo comes with several different blades that are designed to work with different materials.

The standard blade for the Silhouette Cameo is the Ratchet Blade. This blade is made of stainless steel and has a ratcheting mechanism that allows it to adjust its depth automatically as the material thickness varies. The Ratchet Blade is suitable for most paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric, thin leather, and other thin materials.

The Deep Cut Blade is designed for thicker materials such as chipboard, craft foam, cardstock, poster board, balsa wood, felt and magnet sheets. This blade has a longer length than the Ratchet Blade and is able to cut through thicker materials with ease.

The AutoBlade is an auto-adjusting blade that works similarly to the Ratchet Blade but has the added benefit of being able to automatically adjust its depth based on the material type being cut. This makes it ideal for use with multiple types of materials such as cardstock, vinyl, fabric and more.

The Fabric Blade can be used with fabrics such as cotton and canvas as it can cut through these materials without fraying or leaving behind any residue. This blade also works well on paper and cardstock.


The Silhouette Cameo uses several blades depending on what material you are cutting; the Ratchet Blade for most paper/vinyl/fabric/leather; the Deep Cut Blade for thicker materials like chipboard; the AutoBlade which is auto-adjusting; and finally the Fabric Blade for fabrics like cotton or canvas.