What Are the Different Silhouette Blades?

Silhouette blades are cutting tools used to create intricate shapes from a variety of materials. They are most commonly used with vinyl, paper, fabric, and cardstock, but can also be used to cut thicker materials such as wood and metal. Silhouette blades come in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials to accommodate whatever project you’re working on.

The most common type of Silhouette blade is the standard blade.

This blade is usually made from stainless steel and it is designed to cut through materials like vinyl, paper, cardstock, and fabric with ease. The standard blade has a small tip that allows it to make very precise cuts and its size ensures that it can handle small details with ease.

The deep-cut blade is the next most common type of Silhouette blade. This blade is designed for thicker materials like chipboard or wood veneer.

The deep-cut blades have a larger tip than the standard blades so they can penetrate thicker materials more easily. These blades can also be used for cutting fabrics and other thin materials if needed.

The rotary blade is the third type of Silhouette blade available and it does not come with all machines. This type of blade is specifically designed for use on fabrics because it rotates in circles instead of back-and-forth like the standard and deep-cut blades do. This allows for much smoother cuts on delicate fabrics as well as providing more control when making intricate patterns or designs.

The auto-blade is the fourth type of Silhouette blade available and this one comes with all newer machines. The auto-blade adjusts its depth automatically so you don’t have to worry about having the right settings when cutting different types or thicknesses of material. This makes it much easier to get a precise cut every time.

Silhouette blades are an essential tool for any crafter who wants to make intricate shapes out of various materials quickly and accurately. With a variety of styles, sizes, and types available, there’s sure to be one that meets your needs perfectly.


In conclusion, there are four different types of Silhouette blades available – standard blades for cutting thinner materials like vinyl, paper or cardstock; deep-cut blades for thicker materials like chipboard or wood veneer; rotary blades specifically designed for fabrics; and auto-blades which adjust their depth automatically according to the material being cut – allowing even novice users to achieve professional results quickly and easily.