What Are the Styles of Landscape Design?

Landscape design is the art of creating, planning, and maintaining outdoor spaces. It involves a variety of elements such as plants, outdoor structures, landscaping materials, and other elements that serve to enhance the overall aesthetic of a space. Landscape design is an important part of any home or business, as it can significantly improve the overall look and feel of an area.

Types of Landscape Design

There are several different styles of landscape design. Some popular styles include traditional, modern, contemporary, Mediterranean, and tropical. Each style is unique in its own way and will add a distinct look to any space.

Traditional Landscape Design

Traditional landscape design is a classic style that utilizes symmetrical shapes and curved lines to create a timeless look. This style is often seen in older homes or estate grounds and includes elements such as hedges, topiaries, fountains, statuary, stone paths and walls. Traditional landscapes also typically feature formal gardens with carefully manicured lawns.

Modern Landscape Design

Modern landscape design focuses on clean lines and minimalism. This style often incorporates geometric shapes in its layout along with asymmetrical lines for added interest.

This type of landscape typically features natural materials such as stone or wood for pathways and furniture pieces like benches or fire pits for seating areas. Plants are kept to a minimum with this style but still provide pops of color throughout the space to add interest.

Contemporary Landscape Design

Contemporary landscape design combines elements from both traditional and modern styles to create something new yet timeless-looking. This style often features clean lines with unexpected twists like curved pathways or asymmetrical plantings for visual interest. Natural materials like stone or wood are used along with low-maintenance plants to create an inviting atmosphere without much upkeep required by the homeowner or business owner.

Mediterranean Landscape Design

Mediterranean landscape design has become increasingly popular due to its bright colors and relaxed atmosphere it creates in any outdoor space. This style typically includes terracotta pots filled with brightly colored flowers along with pathways made from flagstone pavers or cobblestones interspersed with flowering plants like roses or lavender for added texture and color contrast throughout the garden area.

Tropical Landscape Design

Tropical landscape design offers lush foliage combined with water features such as swimming pools or ponds surrounded by palm trees for an island-like atmosphere in any backyard oasis. This style also often includes vibrant flowers such as hibiscus along with bright colored furniture pieces that bring out the tropical vibes even more.


Landscaping is an art form that can be used to enhance any outdoor space no matter what size it may be! From traditional landscapes featuring symmetrical shapes to contemporary landscapes featuring unexpected twists like curved pathways; there are many different styles of landscaping available for homeowners or businesses looking to spruce up their outdoor areas! Whether you’re looking for something classic or something exotic; there’s sure to be a landscaping style out there that will fit your needs perfectly!