What Are the Different Color Cricut Mats For?

Cricut is a company that produces a range of cutting machines designed to help you create customised crafts, from signs to cards. The Cricut cutting mats are an integral part of the process, as they provide a surface for the machine to cut out your designs from paper, vinyl and other materials. Cricut offers four different types of mats in various colors, each designed for specific materials.

StandardGrip Mat

The StandardGrip mat is the most versatile and common mat used with the Cricut machine. It comes in both light- and dark-green colors and is suitable for most medium-weight materials such as cardstock, vinyl and iron-on. This mat has a moderate grip that allows for easy removal of cuts when finished.

StrongGrip Mat

The StrongGrip mat is designed for heavier materials such as chipboard, poster board and fabric with stiffener. It comes in purple or blue depending on the size purchased. The strong tacky surface provides extra grip which helps hold down thicker materials during cutting.

FabricGrip Mat

The FabricGrip mat is specifically designed for use with fabric without stiffener. It has a lighter tack to help hold fabric while still allowing repositioning when needed.

This mat comes in pink or teal depending on size purchased.

LightGrip Mat

The LightGrip mat is suitable for use with lightweight paper such as copy paper, vellum, tissue paper and other delicate materials. Its light tack prevents damage to these types of papers during cutting. This mat comes in grey or yellow depending on size purchased.


Cricut offers four different types of mats in various colors tailored towards particular materials. The StandardGrip mat is the most versatile option, while the StrongGrip is ideal for heavier materials like chipboard or fabric with stiffener. For fabrics without stiffener, use the FabricGrip mats while delicate papers require LightGrip mats.