How Do You Make a Silhouette From a Jar?

Creating a Silhouette from a jar is a great way to add a decorative piece to any room. It can also be used to create unique gifts or even keep mementos safe.

The process is simple and requires only a few supplies.

Step 1: Gather the supplies you need. These include a jar, black paper (or other dark colored paper), scissors, glue, and something to trace such as an image or outline of your desired Silhouette.

Step 2: Trace the Silhouette onto the black paper using your chosen image or outline. Cut it out with the scissors and affix the cut-out onto the jar using glue.

Step 3: Allow time for the glue to dry completely before moving on to step four.

Step 4: Place a candle or LED light in the jar and turn off all other lights in the room. This will create an ambient glow that will showcase your creation.


  • You can make multiple Silhouettes for different jars by simply duplicating step two.
  • If you don’t have black paper, you can use dark fabric instead.
  • Using LED lights will ensure that your Silhouette is visible even during daytime hours.

With just these few steps, you can create an eye-catching decoration that is sure to grab anyone’s attention. Creating Silhouettes from jars is an easy way to add some personal flair to any space and make it more inviting.

Using just five simple steps, creating Silhouettes from jars is an easy and fun way to add some personal flair to any room or gift. With just some basic supplies and a bit of creativity, anyone can create stunning Silhouettes from jars that are sure to turn heads!