What Are 3 Methods of Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a vital component of modern digital marketing, used to create visually appealing and attention-grabbing images and designs. It is used in everything from product packaging to website design, so it’s important for anyone involved in marketing to understand the different methods of graphic design. Here are three methods of graphic design that are commonly used:

Vector Graphics

Vector graphics are created using mathematical formulas to generate shapes, lines, and curves. This method is often used for logos, icons, and illustrations as it allows them to be scaled without losing any quality or resolution. Vector graphics are also used in print media as they don’t require a large file size which makes them easier to print.

Raster Graphics

Raster graphics use grids of pixels to create an image. They can be used for photographs or complex drawings, but keep in mind that they can become distorted if the resolution or size of the image is changed. Raster graphics are best for images that will remain at a consistent size and resolution.

3D Graphics

3D graphics use computer software to create three-dimensional objects that can be manipulated with lighting and camera angles. This method is often used for movies, video games, and other interactive media as it allows users to explore objects from different perspectives.

These are just some of the methods of graphic design that are commonly used today.

Understanding each type and when it’s best applied will help you create more effective designs for your marketing materials.


In conclusion, there are three main methods of graphic design: vector graphics, raster graphics and 3D graphics. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages which should be taken into consideration when creating any type of visual material.