What Are Three Types of Graphic Design?

Graphic design is an integral part of any business’s marketing strategy, and understanding the three main types of graphic design can help businesses create effective and successful campaigns. The three primary types of graphic design are web design, print design, and multimedia/animation design. Each type has different applications and techniques that can be used to communicate a message or create an effective visual representation.

Web Design

Web design involves creating visual elements for websites, such as logos, layouts, colors, typography, and images. Web designers must use a variety of tools to ensure their designs are compatible with multiple web browsers and devices.

They must also be familiar with scripting languages like HTML and CSS in order to craft compelling user experiences. Web designers must also consider how the website will look on different screen resolutions and how users will interact with the site.

Print Design

Print design is the process of creating visuals for printed materials such as magazines, flyers, catalogs, posters, postcards, business cards and more. Print designers must be able to use various techniques to create attractive visuals that will draw in a Target audience.

This includes selecting appropriate colors, typography styles, images and more. Additionally, they may need to know how to manipulate file formats for printing purposes.

Multimedia/Animation Design

Multimedia/animation designs encompass video editing/production as well as motion graphics compositions. These types of designs are created using software such as Adobe After Effects or Apple Motion in order to craft animated videos or motion graphics sequences. This type of graphic design requires a great deal of creativity as well as technical skills.


Graphic design plays an important role in any business’s marketing strategy by helping them communicate effectively with their Target audience. There are three primary types of graphic design – web design, print design, and multimedia/animation design – each requiring different tools and techniques for successful execution. Understanding each type can help businesses create effective visuals that resonate with their Target audience.