The Marielito Hit Men Wear Threads by Armani and Weapons by Uzi. The Cops Wear Tans by Bain De Soleil, Silk and Linen Outfits by Gianni Versace, Nino Cerruti and Verri Uomo, Socks by Piatelli and 10mm Semiautomatics by Bren.Aug 24, 1985’VICE’: TV’S FIRST

The world of organized crime has always been shrouded in mystery and intrigue. The media has often glamorized the lives of the members of these criminal organizations, depicting them as stylish and sophisticated individuals who are always one step ahead of the law. One such group that gained notoriety in the mid-80s was the Marielito Hit Men.

These hitmen were known for their sartorial choices, donning designer clothes while carrying deadly weapons. It was a stark contrast to the police officers who were tasked with apprehending them. The cops, on the other hand, wore outfits that were more suited for a day at the beach than a high-stakes chase through city streets.

In August 1985, VICE aired a segment titled “TV’s First Look Inside The World Of Miami’s Marielito Hit Men.” The segment shed light on the inner workings of this criminal organization and gave viewers a glimpse into their lavish lifestyles.

The Marielito Hit Men had an affinity for designer brands like Armani, which provided them with suits that were both stylish and functional. These suits allowed them to blend in with society without drawing too much attention to themselves. They paired these suits with weapons like Uzis, which gave them an edge over their rivals.

The police officers, on the other hand, wore outfits that were more suited for a day at the beach than a high-stakes chase through city streets. They wore tan uniforms made by Bain De Soleil and silk and linen outfits by Gianni Versace, Nino Cerruti, and Verri Uomo. Their socks were made by Piatelli – a far cry from the combat boots worn by their adversaries.

However, despite their fashion choices being vastly different from each other’s, they both shared one thing – their choice of weaponry. The Marielito Hit Men carried 10mm semiautomatics made by Bren, while the police officers carried similar weapons.

In conclusion, the Marielito Hit Men may have been notorious for their criminal activities, but they were also known for their fashion sense. They were able to strike a balance between style and functionality, allowing them to carry out their operations with ease.

The police officers, on the other hand, were not as concerned with fashion and often wore outfits that were not suited for their line of work. While the two groups may have been worlds apart when it came to their clothing choices, they shared a common bond in their choice of weapons.