Lori’s Career Has Been Expansive, From Her Collaborations With Photographers Annie Leibovitz at Vanity Fair and Steven Meisel at Vogue Italia, to Her Styling for Designers Donatella Versace and Vera Wang.Lori Goldstein – Xcel Brandshttps://xcelbrands.co ›

Lori Goldstein is a prominent fashion stylist known for her extensive collaborations with renowned photographers and designers. Her work has been featured in some of the most prestigious publications like Vogue Italia and Vanity Fair. She has also worked with high-end designers such as Donatella Versace and Vera Wang, making her an icon in the fashion industry.

The Early Years

Lori Goldstein was born and raised in Michigan, where she discovered her passion for fashion at a young age. She moved to New York City in the late 1970s to pursue a career in the industry. Her first job was at Gimbels department store, where she worked as a sales associate.

Collaborations with Photographers

In the early days of her career, Lori began collaborating with photographers like Annie Leibovitz at Vanity Fair and Steven Meisel at Vogue Italia. Her unique styling approach caught their attention, leading to many more successful collaborations over the years.

Her talent and creativity have made her an indispensable asset to these publications. Lori’s ability to bring out the best in models through her styling makes her an irreplaceable part of any creative team.

Styling for Designers

In addition to working with top photographers, Lori also became a go-to stylist for high-end designers like Donatella Versace and Vera Wang. Her work has been featured on runways around the world, helping these designers showcase their collections in the best possible light.

Her unique sense of style and ability to push boundaries has made Lori one of the most sought-after stylists in the industry. She continues to inspire new generations of stylists with her innovative approach to fashion.

The Present Day

Today, Lori Goldstein is still a major force in the fashion industry. She serves as Creative Director for Xcel Brands, overseeing design for several successful clothing lines. She has also authored a book on fashion titled “Lori Goldstein: Style Is Instinct.”

Her impact on the world of fashion is undeniable. Her collaborations with photographers and designers have set new standards for creativity and innovation in styling. Lori’s style will continue to inspire generations of fashion enthusiasts for years to come.


In conclusion, Lori Goldstein’s career has been expansive, from her collaborations with photographers like Annie Leibovitz and Steven Meisel to her styling for designers Donatella Versace and Vera Wang. Her unique approach to fashion has made her an icon in the industry, inspiring new generations of stylists and designers alike. We look forward to seeing what she does next!