Is Room Planner 3D Home Design Free?

Room Planner 3D Home Design is a state-of-the-art program that simplifies the process of designing and decorating a home. It allows users to create dynamic 3D models of their homes, perfect for interior design, remodeling projects, and even creating virtual renovations before starting a project. Room Planner 3D Home Design also offers users the ability to customize furniture designs, color palettes, and textures in their models.

Room Planner 3D Home Design is easy to use and can be used by anyone from a beginner just getting started in home design to an experienced professional designer. The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, allowing users to quickly navigate through the program’s features. The program also includes detailed tutorials that help users get familiar with the software and understand how it works.

The software includes an array of features such as the ability to create custom textures, 3D models of furniture pieces, floor plans with dimensions, and more. Additionally, users have access to an expansive catalog of over 1 million items from which they can choose from when designing their room. Room Planner 3D Home Design also offers a variety of tools for creating realistic lighting effects for any space.

Is Room Planner 3D Home Design Free?

Room Planner 3D Home Design does offer a free trial version with limited features but if you want access to all of its features then you will need to purchase a subscription plan which ranges from $4.99/month up to $99/year. That being said, the subscription plans do offer some great value for money as they give you access to all the features that Room Planner 3D has on offer.

In conclusion, Room Planner 3D Home Design is not free but it does offer great value for money with its subscription plans that provide access to all its features. With its intuitive user interface and expansive catalog of items it makes designing your dream home easier than ever before.